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Shoutbox Archive
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Zax March 21 2020 18:36:36
Good job Gh0ul c2
Ghoul March 21 2020 12:20:29
fixed problem: /r_primitives 2 command
Ghoul March 20 2020 20:29:01
yea at some effects like dynamite explosion etc...I get massive fps drops...also some random moments...PING is fine tho...around 40
Ghoul March 20 2020 13:55:09
why am I strugglin with FPS in this game tho? d3
ChEz March 20 2020 13:19:41
@Ghoul nice idea! Just created for our clan! JOIN UP AND LET'S STAY IN TOUCH! d3 https://discord.gg/mBcHUY
Ghoul March 20 2020 13:04:42
U guys have set maybe discord too?
Ghoul March 20 2020 13:01:29
Hello. Laid off work - DL game atm. d3
Menda Spoleczna March 19 2020 20:51:51
wtf server full? First time since 2016 year?
Aqua March 19 2020 16:16:42
but at least. fantastic to hear that d5 this virus isn't as that bad as they say d3
Aqua March 19 2020 16:14:52
what the hell c4
Zax March 17 2020 21:16:10
Full server.....weird d3
skAr March 16 2020 18:26:50
germany is now busy trying to contain as much as possible..... letīs see how it goes.
ChEz March 15 2020 16:15:01
Poland I think is doing everything to not let spread this shit so much, for now is not that bad - next 2 weeks many ppl at home
Zax March 15 2020 10:13:32
All good here in Scotland ChEz. Only one case that I've heard of near here. How's your part of the world?
Menda Spoleczna March 14 2020 16:04:27
is OK in Poland, thank ChEz.
ChEz March 14 2020 08:02:24
how is everybody doing? please check in
Zax March 06 2020 21:46:33
Thanks Jeri and Mocky for checking c2 Email sent Mocky. Cheers d5
mockfrog March 06 2020 07:29:19
@Zax: I get an error too. Probably the outdated version of PHP-Fusion (7) that we run is not supported anymore. We could try to migrate to PHP-Fusion 9. Maybe we could work on this together.
Menda Spoleczna February 25 2020 19:46:19
WB Jeri!
Jericho February 24 2020 06:48:07
Getting 500 internal error d3 no admin access too.
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Would you play with bots (not aimbots) on the server?

52% [16 Votes]

32% [10 Votes]

16% [5 Votes]

Votes: 31
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Started: 18.01.17

Polls Archive
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27-06-2022 18:47
The developers describe the content like this: Blood and Gore Violence I agree that Tbagging is violence.

09-05-2022 20:42
Hello, WB m8!

29-04-2022 14:45
Well Hello, ET is on steam! Lets revive it

01-01-2022 17:57
Happy New Year haxors!

22-09-2021 20:49
Hb Oldman!

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