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O30P RuleBook

We have created a few rules everybody has to follow, who wants to enjoy long and pleasant stay on O30P server and forum. This is privately rented server and forum. You are guest here, you have no rights, only priveleges. If you don't like something, feel free to share your opinion in a constructive manner, otherwise, you are free to leave at any given time.


We will warn, kick or ban people for rulebreaking for sole purpose of keeping good atmosphere. Newcomers can expect to be treated in a light way - if caught rulebreaking, they will get a few !warns and explanations about the rules. Regulars can expect being treated in harsher way, because their status as regular, already implies them knowing the rules. Apologizing and trying to understand server rules is always a better way to head in stead of arguing.



Article 1. Insulting will not be tolerated towards any fellow gamer in any way. Exclamations like "lol, ffs, omg" are tolerated to a degree. Spamming the server (in annoying/bad ways) or the homepage, will result in warn/kick/ban. Complaints can be made at the forum in the correct forum section (unban request).


Article 2. Cheating by use of external software is forbidden at any time. Your account - your responsibility. If your account is being used to break rules or cheat you can be kicked or banned. And don't try to tell us: "it was my brother", "my friend was playing on my pc", et al.


Article 3. Every language is allowed on the server. Please write in English here on the forum.


Article 4. Advertizing for other servers, sites, as well as recruiting for clans, is not allowed and will result in a permanent ban. You can always ask us for permission. We will discuss it then and give approval/denial.


Article 5. Don’t ask for levels, it will only hurt your prospects. We will give them to the players completely without public discussion. If we think you deserve higher adminrights, we will give them to you by ourselves. Actions like helping others/being friendly/evening up teams/being active here on the forum will help speeding this process up as they serve the purpose of keeping good atmosphere.


Article 6. You shall not take the o30p tag without being a member. Do not steal your fellow player’s name. Forbidden names are politically critical and insulting names.


Article 7. O30P server's gameplay is Objective oriented. Do your duties as medics/fopses/engineers/covies. Farming (sitting is spawn and giving packs) is forbidden.


Article 8. Spawnkilling or bleeding is not allowed. Use of heavy-weapons or grenades is not allowed - admins will warn you if there is any risk.

You are not allowed to shoot at an enemy after he has spawned in an uncapturable spawn and haven't taken any offensive actions: if he leaves the spawnarea or shoots, throws grenade, airstrike or deploys artillery sopport from within spawnzone, you are allowed to shoot back at that person. Field-ops or medic throwing packs, soldier with deployed mortar or mg42 and engineer who is planting mines/dyno - all of them alleviate rule by their actions even without shooting and can be killed.

The spawn areas are visible ingame through command maps, limbo menu and compass. There are permanent spawnareas (red) and some that you can capture with your team (yellow, green). In permanent spawnareas spawnkilling is not allowed. The above rules applies then. To avoid major gameplay problems we scripted a few invisible anti mortar/arty/support fire roofs. In capturable areas (e.g.: via flag, CP, obj.) spawnkilling is allowed. But if the spawn can not be taken back after the opposite team captured it, spawnkilling is not allowed anymore (e.g. in Oasis the Axis are not allowed to spawnkill the Allies after the Old City Wall is blown up).

Exception: spawnkilling is allowed for the defending team if the objective (radar part, tank) is present in or is in the vicinity of spawnzone. This applies to the bunker and Villa in Radar, first axis spawn on GoldRush while Jagdpanther haven't left through gate or when truck is near the exit at first allied spawn.



Article 9. Trickplanting is allowed. But do not diffuse dynamites or mines from your teammates and/or replace them with yours. It's always adviced to appologise if you walked over teammates landmine and destroyed it.

Trickjumping in general is allowed. But it is forbidden to bypass following places by trickjumping or stacking: Oasis Old City Wall, cliff near West Bunker on Battery and Fueldump's walls. Hint of the locations:

oasis battery fueldump


Article 10. Blocking players on purpose, excessive pushing as well as pushing teammates into combat or from a bridge/balcony (so they get damage) is not allowed.


Article 11. Killing yourself in combat by using the command "/kill" is not allowed. You will get "scared to death" message and your death will count as a frag for player who dealt last bit of damage to you.


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Started: 18.01.17

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Happy New Year!

02-01-2024 17:53
Hello everyone! Greetings from Finland! Happy 2024!

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[*WOD*]Pablo rampage added to photo gallery

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More likely O60

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